雅思口语9-12月Part2题型串讲 换题季我们扛得住!

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本季Part 2换题的比重还是有达到50%左右,最大的一个特征就是物品类和事件类的话题的比重基本持平,而人物类和地点类题目的占比进一步减少。但是不管怎么变化,依旧还是抓住每种题目的特征和拓展办法来进行改编和套题哦。

Part 2话题地点类的特征和拓展思路

Part 2的部分最重要的还是希望大家注重Keep talking的能力以便展示流利度,因此威学一百雅思教研组还是建议大家尽量讲满2分钟。同时话题本身的四个提示点可以不用强制性照跟,但是还是强烈建议大家这么做,以便有更好的答题逻辑顺序(但是大标题还是需要紧跟哦)。然后基本按照我细节填充同类对比两大思路来进行基本的拓展,同时我们就本季的情况可以把地点类话题先分为两个类别。

  • 类型一:

Describe a quiet place you found

Describe an indoor or outdoor place where it was easy for you to study (New topic)

  • 类型二:

Describe a beautiful city that you have visited (New topic)

Describe an interesting part of your country (New topic)

Describe a place you plan to travel to that is far away from your home (New topic)



Quiet place + A place to study

首先就话题的提示点来说,我们可以就需要表达的信息点再次进行分类 (我这里以Bookstore为例)


A. 在哪?什么样子?


- pretty close to where I live / take the metro from my home / get off the train after 2 stations / within 10 minutes / be there whenever I like…

- hard to notice if you walk by / doesn’t have a fancy entrance…

B. 什么时候去?和谁去?


- would like to stay there as long as I can get rid of my work or study / be struggling with my assignment / not so frequently

- with a friend who has just picked up the habit of reading / who is always seeking for astudy space…

C. 怎么发现这个地方?去了会做什么?


- an recommendation from Vlogger / in whose video / introduction of this place

- grab a book I’m interested in and spend the whole afternoon there / bring my laptop andtype my eassy

D. 为什么会去这里?感觉如何?


- extremely difficult to find another one like that / (other places) customers make loud noise by chatting with their friends / staffs just ingore that kind of behaviours … do nothing about it… / (this place) posters to remind people of that… maintain a quiet environment…

- (other places) not so many vacant seats…some customers are just sitting around / have to queue for available seats / (this place) good management for the seats…leave them for anyone who likes to study or read there…



Beautiful city + interesting part of country + a place far away from your home

同样也是就话题的提示点再次进行分类 (可以通用,不一定以某个地方为例)



A. 在哪?以什么出名?


- xxx hours for taking the flight or high speed trains / frequent service for this city / book the ticket anytime I like

- One of the country’s best tourist destination / cultural diversity (e.g. differnt temples from various religions with a history over a thousand years)

B. 什么时候去?和谁去?去多久?


- after I submit the project of this semester / find a place to unwind

- with another classmate / who is an enthusiast of travelling and photography

- try to be flexible / modify our schedule if necessary / depends on our budget

C. 怎么知道这个地方?去了会做什么?


- an recommendation from Vlogger / in whose video / introduction of this place

- visit the temples / experience the local custom and rituals for praying

D. 为什么会去这里?感觉如何?为什么这个地方美丽或者有趣?


- a great place to be / but not extremely popular / sightseeing place wouldn’t be packed with tourists

- (beautiful) temples are in the moutains / gorgeous landscape / escape from urban life /plenty of fantastic spots for taking photo / wouldn’t be photobombed

- (interesting) extremely difficult to find another one like that / several temples in just a small alley / sincerity of praying / quite different compare with the citizens in my hometown