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2018.09.02 独立写作考题:

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?

It is the best way for teachers to help students become more interested in a subject by explaining how this subject can help students live better outside of the school.



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确实,School teachers are supposed to play an essential role in promoting and finding out how to motivate students to excel in school subjects and it is universally acknowledged that sparking off students’ interest in the subject is the most important,但是关于培养学生对于一门学科的兴趣的方式,存在着很多的争议;题目中认为最好的做法为:highlight the relevance that subjects have on students’ lives.

该题属于托福独立写作中常见的绝对词题目,对于这类题目,建议采取否定的态度、给出否定的理由,并且针对help students become more interested in a subject给出更多的做法即可。这样展开文章,思路会更加宽泛。

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Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?

Spending time alone is the best way to relax our stress.

否定:个人观点——spending time alone is not the best way to relax our stress=some other ways are more ideal for us to relax our stress.


On the one hand, staying with friends is better for us to relax our stress. To be more specific, staying with friends---B---C---D---better for us to relax our stress. 针对spending time alone进行稍许反踩. 举例论证+结论句

反踩话术供参考:However, if we merely choose to stay alone, our attention can hardly be distracted and thus, we are more likely to bury ourselves in the tedious troubles, undoubtedly leading to too much pressure on us.


Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?

Professors should prohibit the use of devices that can connect to the internet in class.

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众所周知,with electronic devices prevailing in people’s lives, the equipment with internet access has become increasingly prevalent, accompanying students nearly from now and then;当然,a great controversy as to whether lecturers should prohibit the employment of these devices during the classes也成为现在人们讨论的话题,毕竟,对于课堂教学,电子产品有利有弊。

其实,拿到题目后,我们可以注意到这么一个看似不关键但是还是有很大帮助的信息 —— in class,因为这个信息可以提示我们,在课堂上,涉及到的人物角度有两方面,professors and students,所以我们展开文章的思路可以从这两个角度思考,即为多角度思考问题。这么一来,思路就比较多了,比如,学生在学习中的效率,学生在学习过程中创造力的培养,老师在教学过程中的便捷等等。所以针对,该题,同意或者反对,均有话可说。

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Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?

Today people cannot buy products based on information in their advertisements because advertisements are less honest than before.

针对该题,我们只要从advertisement着手,联想三个和advertisement相关的群体,理由自然就来了;比如,看广告的customers,比如管理广告的the government department,比如利用广告的companies or enterprises;其实,这三个角度基本就可以给我们带来三个很好的理由了, 理由如下:

1) customers today have the ability to judge the authenticity of advertisements

2) companies do not dare to make the fake advertisement, considering the long-run reputation

3) the governmental department has carried out some relevant strategies to ensure the reality of the advertisements


In universities, people tend to concern more about the career prospect of the subjects they learn. Some people propose that students should learn subjects for a fast job growth including math, science, technology, and engineering even if they are interested in other subjects. Do you agree or disagree? (重复2016年11月19日)

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Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?

It is the best way for teachers to help students become more interested in a subject by explaining how this subject can help students live better outside of the school


Your friends have the opportunity to choose either one of two types of majors (fields of study), which one of the following two majors do you think is a better choice, and why?


Some teenagers take part in kinds of activities, such as musical classes, sports classes and so on, but others only focus on one activity which is important to them. Which idea do you support?


Do you agree or disagree with the statement:

It is better to spend money on traveling and vacation than save money for the future 你是否同意以下观点:花钱旅行度假比为将来存钱更好(重复2015年6月13日)

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参考话术:relax ourselves mentally and physically, improving our working or studying efficiency and effectiveness; travelling with friends or family can help to reinforce the relationships





travelling is relatively costly, especially when we opt for travelling abroad, and the money can be saved for a rainy day; possibilities to encounter some insecurities, it is not worthy of paying for that


If you have time to learn something new, which of the following would you choose?

1) to play sports;

2) to learn cooking;

3) to learn to make jewelries

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该题是三选一题目,也是暑假之后第一次出现的三选一题目。相比较今年到目前为止出现过的三选一题目,9.16日出现的还是比较简单的,对于学生来说,文章展开思路比较多,特别是选择to play sports,并且如果有同学练习过2018年5月19日的考题,相关话术可以套用。


Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?

Physical exercise is more important to older people than to younger people. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

针对5月19日考题,选择more important to younger people, 理由也是比较好找的,比如:


the young always suffer from the pressure from their study and work; therefore, doing exercise regularly is more likely to help them to release pressure and maintain a good mood, enabling them to devote to study and work more passionately


due to the change of lifestyle, a growing number of youngsters prefer to stay at home, playing games, watching movies and so on, causing the decline of their physical quality; thus, regular physical exercise can help them to still maintain a good health, which is of great significance to them